This is a critical moment for all economies in the world. Many countries and cities undergo full or partial lockdown by making people stay at home and effectively banning mass gatherings of any form, including those in schools and workplaces.

This is also an opportunity to turn our business and work online. Businesses previously lagging behind in their transition to remote-working model will now have to think very carefully. It is either you reduce the need for workers to work at offices and make your work-from-home model as seamless as possible, or you risk shutting down business during the economic crisis.

Creativity as to how your business can thrive online, I would say sky is the limit. Mind you, fishermen selling their fresh catch and farmers harvesting their produce are also selling directly to customers who order and pay online.

As for my transcription work, I imagine I might one day be doing Chinese and English subtitling work for online food produce platform which gathers farmers, fishermen and sellers discussing about food-related business. A silver lining that I can think of, when my country Malaysia has extended Movement Control Order until April 14. Stay safe and healthy, my friends.