An interesting genre in itself, transcription involves many types of contents. Among other requests, some transcriptionists might receive inquiries from clients about transcribing some audio contents related to divorce for documentation.

A divorcee-to-be might have recorded the audio files of how the couple on the verge of divorce was quarrelling and arguing about different matters. There might be very serious discussion including splitting assets and custody of children. Worse still, some might be shouting and swearing at each other. Documentation of these conversations becomes very important for either party to prove in court of law: most people would think the other party should be deemed unfit to win full custody rights or to take over assets or businesses after the divorce.

From time to time I am also transcribing Mandarin / Cantonese / Singlish / Manglish / spoken English into proper written English of such audio contents for English documentation. Stamping of Certified Translator for documents in Australia or Malaysia is available. Transcription from English to Traditional Chinese for submission at Taiwan’s courts is also possible, but without Certified Translator’s stamp. Most of the time these cases require me to jot down the time stamps when each speaker speaks.

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