With the theme of Thinking the Unthinkable, we discussed about what was going on in Hong Kong and how the No China Extradition movement started.

On issues back home, Bot discussed the possibility of Chinese Malaysian students scoring A for Jawi, if it is to be made a standalone subject. Keith suggested it could be an introduction before learning Arabic language, a highly sought-after language by the United States government.

What are the Malaysian politicians doing? Who are the better performing ministers since Harapan government took office?

Are consumers well protected when buying properties? Or the laws in Malaysia provide more protection to construction companies and banks? What could happen to tall buildings in Klang Valley if Malaysia is hit by an earthquake?

Why do people talk to cats and dogs as if they were children?


談及大馬課題,Bot 突發奇想:若爪夷文變成獨立語文科目,華裔學生會否考獲A等。Keith 則說這是學習阿拉伯文之前的基礎,因為美國政府很需要阿拉伯文人才。