Before May this year, I did not have a printer and I used to visit shops that offer printing services. Whenever I needed to scan, copy and print documents, I visited some shops to get things done. It was time-consuming but I thought it was a better choice to take a minimalist approach: pay and use others’ printer instead of keeping one for myself.

This approach worked in the past but lockdown in towns due to the pandemic makes things very difficult. When I need to print and scan documents for certified translation for NAATI and Malaysian Translators Association, I find it to be very troublesome because the shops are closed. Also, when your documents have a lot of tables and graph, the lines on printed papers might differ and sway away from what you see on computer screen. Some words are even misplaced.

In other words, the safest thing to do is to have your own printer to print the papers and check the arrangement to make sure they are well-arranged on printed papers. And of course, keep one set of colour ink to make sure your own printer never run dry.