Throughout the past ten years of my full-time translation work, I have been working on the language pair of Chinese into English most of the time. Other than my love for English language, perhaps it is also due to law of attraction – I read much more English materials than Chinese writings.

When I am always touching up and polishing my English skills, it makes sense that I am more likely to write into English for most of my projects. On top of reading, I also enjoy listening to English talk shows and radio podcasts. Not forgetting very good documentaries, when I find the time.

Speaking of radio shows, just recently I am tired of Brexit topics, and have since shifted my attention to 2019 Australian federal election and materials related to depression. I selected these two areas because I wish to know more about Australian politics and learn how to care for depression sufferers. And both topics are interesting and huge enough for me to do a lot of reading and listening.

When I delve deeper into these stories, I am surrounding myself with English materials most of the time when I am awake. It is a lifelong homework that I never want to abandon.