I have been using free software such as Libre Office for quite a long time. When viewing Microsoft Word files using Libre Office, the files are stable most of the time. Not quite the case when the Word files contain tables and formats. In other word, free software can become unstable.

One problem is that the boundaries of the tables in your document might become invisible. And the lines are still invisible even after you convert it to a PDF file. I then switched to Open Office to reset black lines, convert to PDF file for printing. Another problem is, even PDF format can become unstable and the black lines of your tables can become invisible.

I used to print documents at printing shops but was troubled by the issue of making black table boundaries visible. It was more troublesome when those were documents waiting for official seals.

For the sake of convenience, I bought a genuine Microsoft Office Home software and EPSON printer. The moral of the story: it is always better to invest a bit and get your home office better equipped.

免費的軟體例如 Libre Office也曾用過好長一段時間。使用這些軟體打開微軟的文字檔案,多數時候都是沒什麼問題,但是一旦文件中有格式,例如表格排版,則常常變得不穩定。

若處理好了文件之後想要列印,表格的線條可能會消失,轉檔為PDF之後也是看不見黑色線條。於是轉去Open Office設定好黑色線條,轉檔為PDF再列印,結果連PDF檔案也是不大穩定,黑色線條並非每時每刻穩定地呈現在你眼前。