Just last month I was fortunate and proud to work on a project to transcribe Cantonese discussion between a doctor and a patient. The client requires me to transcribe the Cantonese content into English. The doctor and nurse answered the questions of the patient and a relative very professionally. Options of surgery were explained very clearly and an arrangement was made to consult a specialist doctor.

These recordings protect doctors and patients. Transcribing into English is a good way to record the discussions in black and white so that the hospitals / clinics are able to record their work progress properly. If they need to refer back to discussion on any day, they can check the transcripts and save the trouble of listening to their recordings repeatedly.

I am no medical graduate. But if I build an index of bilingual terms, that would be sufficient for me to transcribe medical discussions. For enquiries for medical transcription, feel free to discuss with me about your transcription need: keith@keithyeow.com