Transcription can be an enjoyable work, when you have the correct software. Without a good software, it can be a very tedious work, as you need to drag the audio / video file back and forth to listen clearly what was being said by the speakers.

With this Express Scribe software, I can pause and play the audio files without turning to the audio player. And I can set my own hot keys. If you are transcribing on a normal video player, you need to expand the player to pause it to type the words before playing again.

I appreciate the function of Express Scribe to play at about half a second earlier for each pause. When a speaker speaks about fifteen words in one sentence, you pause at the sixth or seventh word to transcribe the words, and when you play again, the audio probably starts at the second or third word.

Do support them by buying their professional version.


有了這個 Express Scribe 軟體,我可以暫停、播放影音檔案而且不需要展開播放器。而且我也可以自訂快捷鍵。若閣下使用一般播放器,則每次都必須展開播放器,按下播放、暫停、播放,實在很耗時間。

Express Scribe軟體其中一個功能我尤其讚賞,那就是每次暫停再重播的時候都會提前半秒左右。若一個說話者一句話有15個字,第六或第七個字暫停下來謄寫幾個字,再播放的時候,軟體應該是在第二或第三個字繼續播放錄音檔。