During the transition from pandemic to endemic, businesses are also learning to adapt to the changes in business environment. I believe that webinar is one of the things that is likely to stay even during endemic phase. It saves travel cost and thus reduces carbon footprint, and of course, it saves a lot of time for all business partners.

Recordings of webinars can also be shared with many viewers across the globe. This is where subtitling becomes more important. Subtitling in Chinese and English allows your contents to reach out to more viewers, and deaf and mute people are also be able to receive your messages. For commuters who don’t need headphones during their travel to and from work, they can read subtitles and understand more about your contents.

English subtitling for Mandarin- and Cantonese-speaking contents is important, because there are many messages and ideas unknown to the non-Chinese-speaking world and people who don’t speak Chinese should also know more about that branch of knowledge.

If you have valuable messages to reach out to and share with more audiences, feel free to email me at keith@keithyeow.com to know more about subtitling service.