The coronavirus outbreak disrupted the world order. Many might find it stressful to read news about hiccups of food supplies, small and medium enterprises closed down due to lack of business activities and income, how people find it difficult to repay housing and car loans, how unemployment rate increases and more people might have to sleep rough.

To sum it up, this is a great level of anxiety to deal with. If one factors in the psychological pressure one might have to deal with when others in the society disagree with the way they protect themselves from being infected, that is simply unbearable for many among us.

I have some sort of anxiety like everybody else does. To claim that we are not concerned about the grave economic situation and our own future is simply a lie to fool ourselves. However, I still look at the bright side of how we cope with the challenge: more people are getting used to work from home and thus reduced commuting and carbon emission; more businesses are converting to e-commerce model; and more people put necessities before luxuries.

Buying and reading a book on the topic of anxiety is another way for me to cope with the situation in a positive manner. As usual, it is a new book written and published by American psychiatric researchers.