Writing is never easy, if you are writing for a living. I am fortunate to be making a living by working on copywriting, translation, transcription, subtitling and editing. Given the variety and genre of business documents, I have to always keep reading to gain more knowledge to produce good work for my clients.

Other than Jeffrey Archer fictions, I also read psychiatric books and more recently, the works of Stephen Hawking. Reading English-language books allows me to build a broader world view and be a better English translator and proofreader.

When I receive Chinese to English translated pieces for editing work, it becomes easier for me to spot sentences and phrases that require polishing. This is all thanks to my English professors in Taiwan and all meticulous writers from different parts of the world.

Speaking of meticulous writers, I thought of Anthony Seldon, the writer who wrote biographies of modern British prime ministers. Perhaps it is time to read his works again when I translate or edit history manuscripts.