Translation always involves editing work. It is either you edit others’ articles or your own works. Proofreading and editing require meticulous checking. Careful proofreading is particularly important when you come across Chinese-language writers who thought themselves to be great writers. Or lousy English-language writers who wrote articles in a careless manner and thought it was good enough to express ideas ambiguously.

I find it to be funny when I am editing Chinese pieces, especially during this era when standard of Chinese language is miserably low. It is rare that I come across quality Chinese publication ever since I graduated from university. Which explains why I usually edit from first to last sentence when I am working on Chinese editing project. Due to the fact that English publication is of higher standard, I am always referring to and pondering about advanced grammar problems when I am editing English works.

English editing work is always my no.1 favourite. What I learned from English reading and listening contents is always a great help in my editing work. It always gives me great joy when I am editing an unclear and grammatically wrong English article and manuscript into a fairly good version.